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Officers and Directors


For those who did not attend the reunion here is the current slate of Officers and Directors;

President-Bill Haimes(2018)

Vice President-Dan Roney(2019)

Secretary-Sue Wedemeyer(2018)

Treasurer-Fred Dement(Interim)

Vice Treasurer-Al Wedemeyer(2018)

Director-Rex Miner(2018)

           -Raleigh Plesko(2018)

           -Bob Souza(2019)

          -Joe Cubalchini(2019)

Dates are end of term for each.  Terms expire on June 30 or the annual reunion, which ever is later.

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The current Newsletter is up on the Articles tab.  Use the small type line to open the document.  The new logo will be published soon.  A Merchandise Tab is coming.  Order forms for shirts, sweatshirts and caps will be posted.

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The Groups tab is not just for ships.  Squadron members please sign up there for your squadron.  We want all to use this site.  The ship/airwing team is the heart of Naval Aviation.  Nobody does it better!

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Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc.

Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc. is a non-profit veterans organization under IRS 501c rules.  We serve all veterans regardless of service but concentrate on Airwing and Ship's Company of aircraft carriers.  Our ships are or were the primary national security assets at sea and we are all proud to have been of service to the nation.  However, we are all sailors and enjoy a good time.  Our reunions and this website will bring us together for sea stories and family activities as well.  Reunions are held in all four US time zones and must change zones each year.  Shipmates from our older carriers are leaving us.  Those ship's organizations are failing too.  We have invited them to join us at our reunions and our organization as our dues are ridiculously low.  In joining our reunions they can stay together while we arrange the venues and events, leaving room for those organizations to remain in existence as long as they have even a few members.  Our Membership Chair, Raleigh Plesko and Founder, Al Wedemeyer are doing a great job of reaching out to the other carrier reunion groups.  We hope to see a jump in membership.  For those recently joining the website, please print out the membership form found under the Articles tab and send it in.  We are extremely careful with membership info.  Only elected officers have access to the membership database.  Our bylaws prohibit any commercial use or profit by members or officers which results from activity with the corporation.  We are looking to the future.  Please join us.

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Carrier photos

Photos are now posted for all member's carrier-type ships.  Some are dated and some are duplicated(I am a MIDWAY guy).  Enjoy and use.  All are public domain unless marked.  Carrier class leaders are now up as well as all currently serving carriers.  Check out the GERALD R FORD shot!

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Groups Page

The groups tab is the spot for shipmates of each carrier to meet up and post sea stories.  Log in and click on Groups. Click on the plus sign to set up your group.  There is a spot for a logo and a ship picture.  Click on the bottom of the page and you are set up.  Now, invite your shipmates.

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Carrier photos

Seeking photos of all aircraft carriers,  Need US  particularly, but all nations carriers are welcome.  Need to check out the opposition sometimes.  Please identify with name and number if available.  Send to or post yourself if a member.

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